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Registered under: The Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955

About AIFA

After Independence various associations, organisations & trade bodies were formed to represent the various concerns of their members in India. In capital markets, Mutual Funds have played a great role as a vehicle for mobilizing and employing funds of the common man in India. Continuous regulatory changes have made a steep decline in the number of IFA community in India since 2009 entry load ban. Survivors of this community have faced many concerns for their survival. At this juncture, in the ever changing scenario IFAs need to be empowered with knowledge and skill. So, necessity is the reason for formation of Association of Independent Financial Advisors (AIFA), A few aspirant IFAs from Trivandrum got together and thought of creating value additions to IFAs, formed this Association having its registered office at Trivandrum. AIFA intends to provide training, motivation, skill, knowledge & wisdom to Independent Financial Advisors in India which can lead to make investors in India rich and thus develop the nation. Association of Independent Financial Advisors also intend to provide welfare of IFAs & their family members and raise the awareness of students and public by various programs. AIFA is eager to form chapters in any parts of the nation as it is its working style to reach all the IFAs in the country. It is registered as a Charitable Society as per the Travancore- Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1955, in the month of January 2016.



Our Mission

To make a positive difference in the lives of IFAs primarily through professionally empowering , then by assisting them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident and competent by mentoring and handholding their clients to achieve their financial goals.

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the best IFA Associations in the country by empowering our members through knowledge and skill thereby enriching a strong India.